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Hogst Jobs For Freshers in Bangalore

By on October 1, 2013

Hogst Jobs For Freshers in Bangalore

Company Name:Hogst

Tasks Include:

  • Developing and maintaining of in-house  hardware & software for controllers & processors
  • Assembling, testing and validation
  • Tasks include software & hardware development may include simulation & verification
  • Assist in the development of customer specific requirements & test procedures
  • Technical Documentation


A few key-points to be noted before you apply;

  • Eligibility:
  1. Must have completed engineering course in the year 2013 (not earlier)
  2. Must have completed the engineering in the following branches: Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer Science, Information Science Industrial & Instrumentation Engineering.
  3. Genuine interest to work in a core industry, as well as have plans to make a career in hardware & embedded domain.
  • Interview / Selection Process would be as follows:
  1. Interested candidates may  apply by filling the form below before 5pm  of 5th October 2nd October(Date has been pre-poned )
  2. Our automated system will select best candidates & intimate our HR team to initiate the next process.
  3. Candidates short listed by automated process will be announced on our website in employment section on 3rd October @ 5 pm.
  4. If the number of short-listed candidates are more that required, our HR team shall conduct an technical interview process (written) in our office before 8th of October 5th October. {Technical round will be conducted online to outstation candidates }
  5. The selected candidates will be directly interviewed by either of our company’s division heads or directors  before 10th of October from 6th to 10th of October
  • This is a contract based job with no definite contract period, which shall be later discussed with the candidate while signing the contract after the intern-ship period. (minimum contract period would be 3 months & shall be extend only on mutual acceptance)
  • Högst is a registered company & selected candidates will receive id cards, offer letters, pay-slips & reliving order (if you decide to quit).
  • Candidates will have to carry their own laptops & 3G devices to work, thus enabling us to keep our work from home culture alive. (BYOD Policy – will be shared before joining)
  • Candidates need to be present in the office for a maximum of 3 days on any given week (after basic training)
  • Candidates will have to bear the partial training amount while joining as a commitment. ₹23,500 has to be paid upfront (which shall be refunded)
  • Candidates who are  selected will undergo a 45 day training on basics, followed by 6 months intern-ship (paid) { company reserves the right to reduce the period based on individual performance } & after completion the candidate will be a full time member of Hogst Team.
  • Minimum Package offered is ₹1.5lakhs per annum & shall be extended based on individual delivery capability & commitment. At Högst we have a quarterly performance review, which enables us to provide increments based on performance.
  • Initial Package (remuneration) details shall be shared only with the selected candidates.


Points to be noted before filling the form.

  • You will come across a few unusual questions in form, these exist because  we are specifically looking forward for candidates who fall under a specific parameters & also because we simply want to reduce our on-boarding process in future like updating our security systems with your details manually.
  • All the questions are mandatory, if there is any field with irreverent/inadequate  answer, the form will be automatically rejected.
  • Please do not fill the form with abbreviations
  • Before you start filling the form please take a test on & write down the result, this has to filled in the 2nd question
  • Once the application form is filled send a soft copy of  your recent photograph (& seriously we are not interested in knowing how you were, when you were young) along with scanned copy of your college id to from the mail id entered in the form. The photograph will be used for verification process as well for printing id cards of selected candidates.
  • The following application form needs to be filled with information that is TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT TRUTH, because the selection process that is followed after submission is automated  at a large extent & we do not wish to change it. If a candidate selected is found to have submitted a wrong information, company reserves the right to terminate him/her  without providing any notice.

Note:: We shall not retain any of the information of candidates who weren’t selected after the process is complete nor shall we  share it with anyone any-time. The information provided shall be used only for understanding if  you are the suitable candidate. If you are applying for any of our future recruitment process you will have to provide the information required once again. Your contact information (email & number) may however remain in our database & you may receive updates on same about next recruitment process & services offered by the company.

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